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Whether you’ve had a good hair day for 3 days in a row, your hair tends to get oily and greasy eventually if you don’t use a shampoo. But, there are times when you are in a situation where you don’t get time to use shampoo. What do you do then? Do you go around in greasy looking geeky hair or you act smart and opt for Dry Shampoo? We say, you go for the dry shampoo but, what exactly is dry shampoo and how do you optimally use it?

So, to begin with, dry shampoo is a miracle product that saves your time and adds style to your every look. It simply powders in aerosol form that absorbs all the greasiness and gives your hair a good texture. 


Anyone and everyone can use the dry shampoo if they want to prolong the time in between shampooing hair. Fun Fact: Dry shampoo can also be used as a styling tool! 


From the umpteen benefits of Dry Shampoo, here’s a rundown of a few that will compel you to go for it!

  • Evades Odor
  • Eliminates Oil
  • Adds volume to roots
  • Makes hair look fresh 


Hold the dry shampoo atleast 6 to 7 inches away from the hair so that the product doesn’t concentrate on one spot. To get more texture, use a blow dryer to the spread the dry shampoo around the scalp. If you wish, you can then use a styling product over the dry shampoo to revamp your hair!

So that was all about the amazing hair product called Dry Shampoo. To know more and how you can style up your hair and life with dry shampoo, visit our Facebook or Instagram Page or get in touch with us. Just comment below and we’ll assist you shortly.

Until then, Have a happy hair day!

Summer is right here and with this hot weather, we welcome the season of sweat and dust as well. Howsoever the weather is, there’s always a little time for an updo to sum up your look and rock that scorching heat. We understand how difficult it is for you to wake up in the morning and get your hair done with other jobs. So, to ease up at least one task for you, we’ve brought these 3 amazing and quick hairstyles for you! 

Half Updo Bun

  • Part a section of your hair on top of your head and collect it back and secure into a ponytail with an elastic hair band.
  • Wrap that ponytail around in a bun and while you do that, loosely pin the hair to give your bun more texture.
  • Secure your bun with bobby pins 

Fishtail Pigtails

  • Part your hair down the middle and then section your hair into two. Make both hair sections into low pigtails.
  • Fishtail braids each section of the hair and tie them with an elastic band.
  • Fan it out to make it appear more voluminous and full. 

Twist Through Ponytail Braid

  • Tie your hair in a low side ponytail.
  • About a quarter of the way down from the first hairband, add another hair elastic.
  • In hair between two elastics, create a whole and wrap the rest of the hair through that hole and downwards. Repeat the same step with another section of the hair in a ponytail and continue all the way down.
  • At the end, secure the braid with hair elastic at the bottom.

So, here were the top 3 hairstyles you can carry out in style and way too easy to make. It is advisable that when you opt for making a bun or any hairstyles, you try and use a strong hold hairspray for your hairstyle to stay in place for long hours. So, what do you think? Which hairstyle is your favorite? Do you have any other hairdo you’d want to share with us? We’re open to suggestions!

Hello Pretty Ladies Out There!

With falling in, we’re sure that you are looking for options to keep your skin and hair healthy. One question that might be bothering your hair that is deep conditioning my hair would be good? Believe us, you will not regret it. So, let’s unearth the attributes of deep conditioning that will make you looooooove it! 


Alike your body, your hair also requires nourishment to stay healthy. Regularly deep conditioning your hair provides the necessary nutrients to hair strands. Your hair is at its strongest when they are well nourished. 


Without moisture, your hair is prone to breakage as they are brittle and dry. Deep conditioning helps replace the moisture that is lost in every day’s wear and tear and infuses life back into them. 


Your hair is always prone to damage even you comb your hair with gentlest of brush. Deep hair conditioning treatment repairs the damage whether it is from heat styling, coloring or any other chemical treatment. It does not only repair your hair, but also prevents it from future damages. 

Promotes Elasticity

Brittle or dry hair break under tension which further results in split ends and breakage. Healthier hair is more resistant to breakage or any other damage. 

Retain Length

Once deep conditioning improves your hair elasticity, your hair becomes stronger and resilient which further helps in length retention.

There are numerous advantages of deep conditioning your hair so there’s no better time to go for a deep conditioning treatment and give back what all your hair has lost in the hustle bustle of today’s busy world. Just a friendly suggestion, try going to a salon and getting yourself a good hair day rather than struggling yourself at home. Because we care for your hair like you would!

Have a Happy Hair Day!

Styling is a vast subject with multitudes of ways and techniques under it. It is upto you how you want it to be used whether it is to get wavy hair or a classy updo, anything and everything related to hair can be easily covered up in styling. 

Though there is an abundance of hairsprays available in the market but only a few trusted ones can be utilized optimally. Some of the top hairsprays would be as mentioned below.


Going by the names, it is evident that if you want ramp ready curls, this is the best product you may use to get the desired hairdo. Whether you want tight curls or loose evening curls, CurlsDefineHer can ease out the task for you!

Dry Shampoo

Again, as the name connotes, dry shampoo has proven to be the life saver for women and men worldwide. There are times when you are unable to wash your hair and still want to look your best. This is when dry shampoo comes to your rescue. Just spray a little over your hair and you’re fresh as always.


Who doesn’t like voluminous hair? Whirling them in the air and making people go crazy! Want this feeling? Then, there’s no better option than GKhair’s Hair VolumizeHer. It

Leave in Spray

Now, the last one on our list is the leave in spray, a must when going into the water. As evident it is, oceanic water and water in pools is saline and contains a lot of chlorine. So, to protect your hair from getting dry and dull, apply a leave in spray into your hair before getting into the water.

Now that you are cognizant of the best hairsprays in town, it is time that you bring them to use and create masterpieces every day!


Hair serums are rapidly picking up in the market and do you think it’s just the showcasing trick that is influencing the hair to feel good about the hair serum or is there something really astounding about them? On the off chance that you have not used a hair serum some time recently, you may not really know the appropriate reply.

In any case, before you settle on a hair serum it is extremely imperative that you are completely aware about what are hair serums and what good they do to your hair. To the extent genuine involvement with hair serums are worried, as indicated by numerous, these are great products.

Hair serum helps in transforming your bad hair days into great ones by adding a layer of radiance and energy through its content. It keeps your hair safe from breakage and being weak. You can, without much of a stretch, style them in a plenty of stylish hairdos.

Hair serums contain amino acids which encourage in giving security to your colored or styled hair. It likewise helps in repairing the hair follicles from the roots.

Enriched with Argan Oil and Keratin, Hair Serum from GKhair not only replenishes your hair, but add the natural health to your hair that is lost due to pollution, environmental causes and many other reasons. It additionally helps in diminishing hair fall by limiting the tangled hair.

So, here are some significant reasons to not miss out on hair serum ever!

  1. Hair serums can rapidly change the look and in addition the vibe of your hair. Delicate, glossy bolts that can be dealt effortlessly are a fantasy of each young lady and you can undoubtedly make this fantasy a reality even without much exertion, just by utilizing the correct hair serum.
  2. The segments present in hair serums fill in the follicular splits of the hair shafts and accordingly make hair more grounded and lessens the shot of breakage.
  3. For dry hair, hair serums can be a genuine help since serums effortlessly seals in the dampness in hair shafts and counteracts hair breakage because of dryness. 
  4. Hair serum acts as an astounding preventive cover on your hair shafts, shielding them from hot and dangerous sunrays, dirt, dust and other factors.
  5. Serums for hair can be most helpful for individuals who have next to no time to spend on hair.
  6. Hair serums are perfect for gatherings and events when you want to look extraordinary. Only a decent dosage of the right hair serum on your hair and you are certain to win compliments for those ravishing locks.
  7. Hair serums make hair reasonable and hair styling considerably less demanding. Consequently, on the off chance that you are somebody who likes to go for new and fascinating hairdos, hair serums can be a go to item for you.
  8. If you use heat on your hair, at that point, utilizing a hair serum before applying heat won't just give you better outcomes, yet will likewise shield your hair from the damaging heat of the appliances.
  9. For wavy and crimped hair, the right hair serum can do wonders in minutes. These items alleviate the frizz rapidly and can make your harsh and dry locks, radiant and delicate.
  10. If you have sleek hair that appear to overload rapidly after a wash, using hair serum can be a decent and simple answer for the issue. Some hair serums can keep the sleekness of hair under control making it feasible for you to appreciate oil free excellent hair for more.

So, this was all about hair serum and we are sure that you are never ever going to ignore this magic ingredient! So, go out, let the world see that spotless shine from your hair and feel like a diva every day!

Go, win the world!/

Feeling that chilling breeze touch your cheeks or breathing in that clean & fresh air, who doesn’t love to explore the unexplored and mark new milestones in their life?

While going places, we make sure that we keep a good mosquito repellant, sun screen, pepper spray and every other necessary for our survival and safety. But there is one small detail in here that we all skip, taking care of our precious hair when we’re on the go. Yes, it is essential that you take care of your hair while you travel in order to save your scalp and hair from any unexpected health issues. So, here are some imperatives that you might want to keep in mind before you hit the road.

  1. The Requisites

There are some essentials that you must always carry in your bag when you travel like your own shampoo, conditioner and a good comb. You may get travel size packs to easily pack along with you.

  1. Accessories

You can carry your little accessories with you while you travel. The scrunchy, hair ties, bobby pins, carry them all so you don’t have go looking for them in an unexplored place. This is the easiest way to tackle your bad hair day on the go.

  1. Dry Shampoo

This is the magic potion that make you look fresh every second. Dry shampoo is a must when you go travelling as it keeps your hair healthy and refreshed. Oily hair? Who’s got the time for that!

  1. Sunscreen for Hair

When you’re out in the sun, it is a must that you apply a UV Protection on your hair to prevent any sun damage and keep dust away.

  1. Leave in Cream

Saline water is the enemy of your hair, hence, always put on some leave in cream to give your hair a protecting layer. Do remember to rinse it before shampooing your hair. 

Some Essentials Tips

  • When you know that you’ll be exploring and will be on the go, then you have to get ready in a jiffy. Some easy hairstyles that you don are a bun, braid or a ponytail. The more you keep your hair tied up, the less they will get dirty and absorb lesser dust.
  • Try not getting a haircut at an unknown place. Because you want your haircut to be magical and one that suits you, get it from a salon that you’re familiar with. So, you must always save the haircut for back home.
  • Drink plenty of water as it helps to keep your skin and hair hydrated.
  • Try covering your hair whenever you’re out in the sun or dust to protect it from external damages.

We have goals to achieve, jobs to work at, a family to look after but, traveling is one thing that makes us all one family. It unites us, makes us go places, unearth the hidden secrets of the world and be at peace with our own self. So, go ahead, let your tresses flow and win the world!

We all have days where our hair makes our day really bad for us. And it’s true that it takes away all our energy and happiness along with it. So, we try hard to fix our hair in every possible manner, failing most of the times. So, to make your hair happy and bring in your inner confidence, we present to you some fixes to tackle a bad hair day!


When all your friends can clearly figure out that you’ve just woken up and walked towards the office. There’s a very simple way to look fresh and ready for the busy day at work. All you have to do is               make a braid from your messy hair and voila, you’re all set for the day, leaving the bad hair day behind!


This problem is very common in winters and the best way to overcome it is by deep conditioning your hair. What else you can do about the frizzy hair is put a little hairspray on your brush and lightly run through your hair to tame it a bit.

Oily Hair

There’s only product, Dry Shampoo can take away all your oily hair problems away. It absorbs the oil from your hair and leaves your hair clean and fresh. Just spray it lightly on the roots and let it settle in for a minute or two and then gently comb your hair.

We’re sure that the above fixes will lighten up the load for you and you can be yourself on any day. So, now don’t let bad hair make it a bad day for you. Go out, spread your wings and win the world with your confidence. If you have any other solution for a bad hair day, then do share it with us so as many others can learn the ways to tackle bad hair.

Have a Happy Hair Day!


Dandruff is very common, especially in the winter season. We all want to get rid of it and keep our scalp clean and healthy. Hence, many of us wonder that we did nothing wrong to our hair and still we are coping with dandruff.

Going by the stats, the extrapolated prevalence of dandruff in India is 195,785,036. Which indicates that quite a large number of population is plagued with dandruff. However, the question is, how to tackle this irritating flaky feeling and stay far away from it.

There could be various reasons for you to have dandruff, but skimming out the tops ones, here are some of the major reasons for dandruff and the ways to avoid to them.

  • Dry skin
  • Sensitivity to hair products
  • Several skin conditions
  • Over-styling of hair
  • Not shampooing your hair properly
  • Not eating healthy
  • Oily skin

Besides the aforementioned reasons, there are multitudes of reasons that may cause your hair to be flaky and itchy. Now, moving on to the remedies, keep reading and get rid of dandruff and itchy scalp!

  • Avoid dust
  • Keep your scalp clean
  • Don’t let sweat accumulate in your hair
  • Use a good anti-dandruff shampoo

As per the industry experts, “dandruff is majorly caused due to negligence and not taking proper care of your hair.” Hence, if taken immense care and showing some love to your hair from time to time, your hair will always be healthy and dandruff free.

We hope this blog was of some help to you in dealing with dandruff. If you have any other way to evade dandruff, we’d love to hear it! Write us an email at info@aurainebotanicals.com and share with us all you have about hair care. You may also clear up your queries and doubts, whether it is about hair care, styling or any other hair related queries.

Until next time, have a happy hair day!

You might be wondering that why would we name our product “The Best”, well, think no more, we’ll tell you why we call it so and everything you’d want to know.

The Best, a major key player in the Hair Taming System, is the Professional Product that gives you a frizz free life. It is applied to your hair and the rest is like magic. Here are the steps involved in the application of THE BEST.

  1. Before the application of The Best, your hair is washed with a pH+ Shampoo to remove all the product built up and other impurities.
  2. Then the Keratin Treatment begins with the application of “The Best” with application brush onto half inch sections of hair.
  3. The hair is saturated with “The Best” by applying it thoroughly on entire head, staying ¼th inch off the scalp.
  4. The Best is left to set into hair for 5 - 60 minutes (depending upon the hair type).
  5. Post application of the hair taming keratin, The Best is rinsed with warm water and is then washed with GKhair Professional’s Color Protection Moisturizing Shampoo. The deep conditioner is applied thereafter and let to sit in for 3-5 minutes and then rinsed.
  6. The hair is then blow dried with high heat with GKhair Thermal round brush until its 100% dried and styled.
  7. Post blow drying, the hair is parted into sections and flat iron is done at lowest temperature of 170C/ 338F (temperature may vary with hair type) using GKhair’s Titanium Flat Iron.

So, folks, this is what The Best is all about. It is positively a must go for the ones who hate humidity and don’t want to look like the Lion King. And it is for those also who want to enhance their looks and come out as a completely different and even beautiful woman or man. You may find GKhair’s The Best at all leading salon and if in case, you need more information on the same, feel free to write us at info@aurainebotanicals.com and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!

Here comes the season of dry, dull and dead hair. But, here also comes the season of cozy, cuddly and wedding affair!

This is the season when the condition of your dry hair will become too worse and all the moisture will be sucked right out of your hair. Winters are goof for having green vegetables and watching a movie tucked cozily in your bed but, it is the season most dreaded by your hair. The cold winds work extremely hard on your hair and your skin. Hence, you should take good care to survive the sometime brutal weather and shine out bright. There are numerous ways to protect your hair from this “hair raising season” and some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Protect your hair

Cold and wet winter weather can have a toll on your hair and the best way to protect them is by covering your head with a hat or scarf. But you have to make sure that the scarf is not too tight so it does not restrict circulation in scalp and while you wear it, it could also be the reason for sweat build up that could irritate your scalp, hence it is important that you use an anti-dandruff shampoo to evade flakes.

  1. Keep your scalp and hair hydrated

Drink plenty of water if you want to keep your hair and scalp hydrated. This is essential in winters as with your skin, your hair and scalp also get dry and dehydrated. 

  1. Do not over-style your hair

As read in the point above, winter is the season of dry and dehydrated hair, it is advisable that you do not over-style your hair as it may take a while for them to recover from the damage. Limit the use of heat styling tools as the heat may dry out your hair and scalp as well. If you still feel the need of heat styling your hair, do not forget to use heat protectant before treating your hair with curling irons or dryers.

  1. Trim your hair regularly

Now what does trimming your hair has to do with winters? Is that the question that popped up in your head? Well, let us apprise you that winter weather can make the ends of your hair really dry and breakable. Trimming your hair regularly will keep your hair healthy and significantly reduce the chances of breakage.

  1. Do not wash your hair in extremely hot water

Hot water can dry out your hair and damage your scalp so, wash your hair only in warm or cool water to avoid damage to your hair.

  1. Don’t leave your hair wet

This may not only weaken your hair, but will also give you a cold! So, take your time and blow dry your hair before going outside.

So, friends, here were some tips from our side to protect your hair and scalp this winter season and stay the same you. Don’t let the weather take away the spark, take good care of your hair and enjoy the chilly and cozy weather.

Stay healthy, stay happy!