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Hair serums are rapidly picking up in the market and do you think it’s just the showcasing trick that is influencing the hair to feel good about the hair serum or is there something really astounding about them? On the off chance that you have not used a hair serum some time recently, you may not really know the appropriate reply.

In any case, before you settle on a hair serum it is extremely imperative that you are completely aware about what are hair serums and what good they do to your hair. To the extent genuine involvement with hair serums are worried, as indicated by numerous, these are great products.

Hair serum helps in transforming your bad hair days into great ones by adding a layer of radiance and energy through its content. It keeps your hair safe from breakage and being weak. You can, without much of a stretch, style them in a plenty of stylish hairdos.

Hair serums contain amino acids which encourage in giving security to your colored or styled hair. It likewise helps in repairing the hair follicles from the roots.

Enriched with Argan Oil and Keratin, Hair Serum from GKhair not only replenishes your hair, but add the natural health to your hair that is lost due to pollution, environmental causes and many other reasons. It additionally helps in diminishing hair fall by limiting the tangled hair.

So, here are some significant reasons to not miss out on hair serum ever!

  1. Hair serums can rapidly change the look and in addition the vibe of your hair. Delicate, glossy bolts that can be dealt effortlessly are a fantasy of each young lady and you can undoubtedly make this fantasy a reality even without much exertion, just by utilizing the correct hair serum.
  2. The segments present in hair serums fill in the follicular splits of the hair shafts and accordingly make hair more grounded and lessens the shot of breakage.
  3. For dry hair, hair serums can be a genuine help since serums effortlessly seals in the dampness in hair shafts and counteracts hair breakage because of dryness. 
  4. Hair serum acts as an astounding preventive cover on your hair shafts, shielding them from hot and dangerous sunrays, dirt, dust and other factors.
  5. Serums for hair can be most helpful for individuals who have next to no time to spend on hair.
  6. Hair serums are perfect for gatherings and events when you want to look extraordinary. Only a decent dosage of the right hair serum on your hair and you are certain to win compliments for those ravishing locks.
  7. Hair serums make hair reasonable and hair styling considerably less demanding. Consequently, on the off chance that you are somebody who likes to go for new and fascinating hairdos, hair serums can be a go to item for you.
  8. If you use heat on your hair, at that point, utilizing a hair serum before applying heat won't just give you better outcomes, yet will likewise shield your hair from the damaging heat of the appliances.
  9. For wavy and crimped hair, the right hair serum can do wonders in minutes. These items alleviate the frizz rapidly and can make your harsh and dry locks, radiant and delicate.
  10. If you have sleek hair that appear to overload rapidly after a wash, using hair serum can be a decent and simple answer for the issue. Some hair serums can keep the sleekness of hair under control making it feasible for you to appreciate oil free excellent hair for more.

So, this was all about hair serum and we are sure that you are never ever going to ignore this magic ingredient! So, go out, let the world see that spotless shine from your hair and feel like a diva every day!

Go, win the world!/

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There always exists a debate whether a specific product is good or bad. Same is the case when it comes to hair products, especially Keratin. Not many of you might be acquainted of the significance of Keratin for your hair. So, not taking it any further, allow us clear the air about “Is Keratin Treatment good for my hair?

Many of you might not be aware of what Keratin actually is. So, to begin with Keratin is an essential protein naturally present in our hair and gives it structure, so just imagine your hair without Keratin. Do you think your hair would survive without it? Do you think that without Keratin in your hair, you would have lustrous and manageable hair? Absolutely not! Hence, to cover up the damage emanating from daily wear and tear, Keratin Treatment has been brought upon as a blessing for us all. It not only replenishes the lost keratin but also rejuvenates the hair by rendering it new shine, making it more manageable and frizz free forever. Besides these features of Keratin Treatment, there are some more facts and figures that you should be cognizant of.

  • One Keratin Treatment may work upto 5 months.
  • Keratin Treatment is a great alternative to straightening your hair every day.
  • It makes hair healthier over time, unlike other hair treatments that permanently damage your hair.
  • GKhair Professional’s Hair Taming System contains Juvexin, a protein derived from sheep’s wool via an environmentally friendly process.
  • Keratin Treatment gets you rid of frizzy hair by taming them.
  • No hair breakage problem.
  • Your hair will shine like never before.


Before going for your Keratin Treatment, we’d advise you to remember these useful tips

  • Always opt for a professional.
  • Ask for a professional product like GKhair Professional’s Hair Taming System.
  • Post Keratin Treatment, stick to the hair care regime to get the best results and to maintain the same.

So, there are no second thoughts that Keratin Hair Treatment is good as there’s no possible reason to stay away from the innumerable benefits of this treatment. Keratin Treatment has evolved drastically over a decade and now the most refined versions of it can be seen at many leading salons. But, one of the advanced Keratin Treatment that includes Juvexin, a magic ingredient, can exclusively be found with GKhair. So, go for it, let those tresses flow!

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Quick Fixes for A Bad Hair Day

Monday, 05 March 2018

We all have days where our hair makes our day really bad for us. And it’s true that it takes away all our energy and happiness along with it. So, we try hard to fix our hair in every possible manner, failing most of the times. So, to make your hair happy and bring in your inner confidence, we present to you some fixes to tackle a bad hair day!


When all your friends can clearly figure out that you’ve just woken up and walked towards the office. There’s a very simple way to look fresh and ready for the busy day at work. All you have to do is               make a braid from your messy hair and voila, you’re all set for the day, leaving the bad hair day behind!


This problem is very common in winters and the best way to overcome it is by deep conditioning your hair. What else you can do about the frizzy hair is put a little hairspray on your brush and lightly run through your hair to tame it a bit.

Oily Hair

There’s only product, Dry Shampoo can take away all your oily hair problems away. It absorbs the oil from your hair and leaves your hair clean and fresh. Just spray it lightly on the roots and let it settle in for a minute or two and then gently comb your hair.

We’re sure that the above fixes will lighten up the load for you and you can be yourself on any day. So, now don’t let bad hair make it a bad day for you. Go out, spread your wings and win the world with your confidence. If you have any other solution for a bad hair day, then do share it with us so as many others can learn the ways to tackle bad hair.

Have a Happy Hair Day!

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How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair?

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Do you dread going out in the rain or washing your hair very often? Do you envy that friend’s silky, lustrous hair? Then worry no more, your search ends here! We present you the secret to silky, manageable and detangled hair – Professional Keratin Hair Treatment. Yes, you read it right! Keratin Treatment can give you what you’ve always wanted – Frizz free hair!

For over a decade Keratin Treatment has been helping people to achieve manageable, healthy and lustrous hair. We all realize the significance of beautiful and healthy hair and how important it is to take proper care of it. Hence, there is no better way to tackle frizz than getting a Keratin Treatment from a reputed Salon with professional hair products only.

Why Should I Get Keratin Treatment?

Keratin being an essential protein for the hair, is lost due to external damages to the hair like dirt, usage of hard chemicals and others. This is where Keratin Treatment comes to your rescue by providing you the apt amount of Keratin required by your hair. You know what’s the cherry on top? Keratin fortified with Juvexin, the magic ingredient that enhances the quality of Keratin. It is a keratin protein blend extracted from sheep’s wool through an environmentally friendly process. What’s the catch here is that this Juvexin is available exclusively with GKhair Professional. So, it is advisable that when opting for a hair taming system, always go for GKhair’s Juvexin fortified Keratin Treatment.

So, now you know what you have to do to get rid of frizzy hair, get the professional keratin hair treatment to get silky, lustrous, healthy and manageable tresses. We value your hair hence, have developed products keeping your hair’s health in mind. So, go on, flaunt those flawless tresses.

Detangle your life with detangled hair!

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