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With the increase in the pollution level and deteriorating living conditions in big cities, it's become really difficult for one to keep skin and hair healthy. But, this is no excuse to leave your hair unprotected in this toxic environment. It is your duty to take care of your hair and look after them. So, what are you doing to protect your hair from all the dust, dirt and polluted air? What kind of products are you using on your hair to keep them safe and repair the lost health?

Here’s a rundown of products that can save your hair from environmental damages and help them strive through the storm!


Post washing your hair, it’s a must that you apply a little serum over your hair that forms a protective layer and also keeps your hair soft and shiny.

Leave in Cream

Leave in cream works best when you want to explore saline waters of the ocean or of an amusement park. The amount of chlorine and salt can badly damage your hair and leave them with no space to breathe.

UV Protection

Don’t you always put on sunscreen over your face and hands when you step out in the sun? then why leave your hair unprotected form the toxic UV rays? Your hair also deserves the same care and protection as any other part of your body.

Thermal StyleHer

Every once in a while, when you plan to go out on a romantic evening or to a friend’s party, you feel the need to style your hair. That is when you have to expose your hair to deadly heat of the iron or hair dryer. So, it is imperative that you apply a heat protectant to save your hair from the excessive and unwanted heat that your hair faces during styling.


Well, conditioner is one thing that you should always whether there is pollution or not. Conditioner not only helps you tame down your hair, but also smooths them out and makes them manageable.

Some Precautions

  • Always cover your hair when walking out in the dust or sun.
  • Do not step out of the house with wet or oily hair as they attract more dust and dirt.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your hair and skin hydrated.
  • Take in good amount of protein in your daily diet.
  • Go for a rejuvenating hair spa at least once in a month.

Now, let’s see if the pollution has the guts to come anywhere near your hair. Remember how charity begins at home? On the same lines, “Hairity” begins at home!

Have a Healthy Hair Day!

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