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Feeling that chilling breeze touch your cheeks or breathing in that clean & fresh air, who doesn’t love to explore the unexplored and mark new milestones in their life?

While going places, we make sure that we keep a good mosquito repellant, sun screen, pepper spray and every other necessary for our survival and safety. But there is one small detail in here that we all skip, taking care of our precious hair when we’re on the go. Yes, it is essential that you take care of your hair while you travel in order to save your scalp and hair from any unexpected health issues. So, here are some imperatives that you might want to keep in mind before you hit the road.

  1. The Requisites

There are some essentials that you must always carry in your bag when you travel like your own shampoo, conditioner and a good comb. You may get travel size packs to easily pack along with you.

  1. Accessories

You can carry your little accessories with you while you travel. The scrunchy, hair ties, bobby pins, carry them all so you don’t have go looking for them in an unexplored place. This is the easiest way to tackle your bad hair day on the go.

  1. Dry Shampoo

This is the magic potion that make you look fresh every second. Dry shampoo is a must when you go travelling as it keeps your hair healthy and refreshed. Oily hair? Who’s got the time for that!

  1. Sunscreen for Hair

When you’re out in the sun, it is a must that you apply a UV Protection on your hair to prevent any sun damage and keep dust away.

  1. Leave in Cream

Saline water is the enemy of your hair, hence, always put on some leave in cream to give your hair a protecting layer. Do remember to rinse it before shampooing your hair. 

Some Essentials Tips

  • When you know that you’ll be exploring and will be on the go, then you have to get ready in a jiffy. Some easy hairstyles that you don are a bun, braid or a ponytail. The more you keep your hair tied up, the less they will get dirty and absorb lesser dust.
  • Try not getting a haircut at an unknown place. Because you want your haircut to be magical and one that suits you, get it from a salon that you’re familiar with. So, you must always save the haircut for back home.
  • Drink plenty of water as it helps to keep your skin and hair hydrated.
  • Try covering your hair whenever you’re out in the sun or dust to protect it from external damages.

We have goals to achieve, jobs to work at, a family to look after but, traveling is one thing that makes us all one family. It unites us, makes us go places, unearth the hidden secrets of the world and be at peace with our own self. So, go ahead, let your tresses flow and win the world!

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There always exists a debate whether a specific product is good or bad. Same is the case when it comes to hair products, especially Keratin. Not many of you might be acquainted of the significance of Keratin for your hair. So, not taking it any further, allow us clear the air about “Is Keratin Treatment good for my hair?

Many of you might not be aware of what Keratin actually is. So, to begin with Keratin is an essential protein naturally present in our hair and gives it structure, so just imagine your hair without Keratin. Do you think your hair would survive without it? Do you think that without Keratin in your hair, you would have lustrous and manageable hair? Absolutely not! Hence, to cover up the damage emanating from daily wear and tear, Keratin Treatment has been brought upon as a blessing for us all. It not only replenishes the lost keratin but also rejuvenates the hair by rendering it new shine, making it more manageable and frizz free forever. Besides these features of Keratin Treatment, there are some more facts and figures that you should be cognizant of.

  • One Keratin Treatment may work upto 5 months.
  • Keratin Treatment is a great alternative to straightening your hair every day.
  • It makes hair healthier over time, unlike other hair treatments that permanently damage your hair.
  • GKhair Professional’s Hair Taming System contains Juvexin, a protein derived from sheep’s wool via an environmentally friendly process.
  • Keratin Treatment gets you rid of frizzy hair by taming them.
  • No hair breakage problem.
  • Your hair will shine like never before.


Before going for your Keratin Treatment, we’d advise you to remember these useful tips

  • Always opt for a professional.
  • Ask for a professional product like GKhair Professional’s Hair Taming System.
  • Post Keratin Treatment, stick to the hair care regime to get the best results and to maintain the same.

So, there are no second thoughts that Keratin Hair Treatment is good as there’s no possible reason to stay away from the innumerable benefits of this treatment. Keratin Treatment has evolved drastically over a decade and now the most refined versions of it can be seen at many leading salons. But, one of the advanced Keratin Treatment that includes Juvexin, a magic ingredient, can exclusively be found with GKhair. So, go for it, let those tresses flow!

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Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be” – Emily Wyant

We all want to flaunt those flawless tresses but only a few are lucky to have those perfect hair. You too can get luscious & manageable hair and also get rid of frizzy hair just by adapting a few tips!

Do Not Wash Hair Too Much

As your hair already have the tendency to get frizzy, washing them too much will deteriorate their quality and make them frizzy.

Protect Hair from Direct Sunlight

UV rays present in the sun break down the hair cuticles, leaving your hair strands dry, tangled and frizzy. Hence, it is advisable to cover your hair when you go out in the sun.

Deep Conditioning your Hair

Using a good quality conditioner adds moisture and shine to your hair. Be sure to keep it for at least 5 minutes for it to penetrate.

Do Not Towel Dry Your Hair

This ruffles the hair cuticles, instead use a microfiber cloth and gently press and squeeze out the water.

Elude Frizzy Hair Stressors

Excessive alcohol, caffeine or smoking can also cause frizz. So, try not to get indulged in such things excessively.

Sleep on A Satin Pillow

You might turn or toss in your sleep that causes friction, further leading to tangles, split ends and also frizz. Sleeping on a satin pillow helps maintain moisture and give a smooth finish.

You may also take help of some professional products and can also go for a keratin treatment that is sure to control frizzy hair and give you a classier, yet unique look. Frizz may affect your personal as well as professional life and controlling the same boosts confidence and helps you to be your best at all times. Always treat your hair right and believe us, it will have life changing effects for you.

Have a good hair day, every day!

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How to Keep Tangled Hair at Bay?

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Have you at any point asked why your hair tangles, and what you could do to settle it?

It’s a well-known fact that keeping up long and lovely hair requires great care. Yet, we would all agree that it’s a task in itself to continually manage bunches and tangles! It is tedious, as well as be very agonizing and harming.

Why does your hair tangle?

There could be a couple of reasons for why your hair tangles. Hair texture, recurrence of brushing, exposure to environmental factors like dust, wind, and in addition the healthiness of hair, would all be able to add to tangling.

For instance, your hair will probably tangle if:

  • It’s thick & wavy
  • It’s too long
  • It’s extremely dry and damaged
  • You don't brush your hair much

In this blog, we'll share the best tips on the most proficient method to detangle your hair and limit ties.

In any case, our hair will tangle; while some hair sorts are more inclined to tangling than others, it is something that we can't maintain a strategic distance from totally. There are, in any which ways, a few things you can do to limit tangling and the harm that originates from it. Here are our most loved tips on how you can do that:

  • Condition your hair

Conditioning the hair reestablishes the moisture, making it smoother and more averse to tangle. We’d advise to always condition your hair in the wake of washing, and also utilizing a deep conditioner atleast once or twice a month.

Tip: condition the finishes just, to stay away from oily roots.

  • Adapt wide tooth brush

Despite the fact that it might entice to utilize a brush since it's 'quicker', utilizing a wide tooth brush (or a unique detangling brush) is a greatly improved thought, believe us! Not exclusively will it expel the tangles all the more proficiently, but you will likewise shield your hair from being torn and harmed. Begin at the base of the bunch and patiently work your way up until the point when it is brushed out totally.

  • Secure your hair while you sleep

Talking about dozing, did you realize that hair can likewise get tangled while you rest? Yes, so before sleeping at night or taking a nap anytime, tie your hair loosely into a braid to avoid frizz and tangles.

  • Pick the right products

Maintain a strategic distance from any product that contain alcohol. Despite the fact that there is an entire rundown of ingredients we advise to avoid, alcohol is extremely the one that you need to keep away from. It truly dries out your hair and makes it more inclined to tangling. Rather, go for common, sulfate and alcohol-free products, or those particularly intended for tangled hair.

  • Braids all the way

In the event that you've done any examination whatsoever, you know how harmful even a simple elastic can be to your hair. Tying your hair in a ponytail all the time causes breakage and in some cases split ends, so it’s always a smart thought to style your hair differently in contrast to a ponytail every time at the same spot.

The good thing about plaits - you make a tight one in the morning (a french or a fishtail plait) and go ahead with your day. Jump, move, run, do whatever you need - the mesh will stay. No bunches. No unwinding!

Does your hair tangle effectively? What are a few things you do to avoid it, and how would you manage ties? Share with us your remedies for detangling hair and we’ll share it with the world!

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Quirky Care Tips for Virgin Hair

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

A good hair day gives you a new energy to work with and start your day on a positive note. Whereas, rough, dry or unmanageable hair take away your charm. We’re sure that you try hard to get that perfect look but your hair fails you at times. Your poor hair has to face the external and internal damages and try hard to survive. So, here we have skimmed down the top tips to care for your beautiful tresses and keep them alive all the time!

  • Never comb your hair when they are wet and if it’s urgent, use a wide toothed comb.
  • Apply hair serum post washing and conditioning your hair.
  • Always use sulfate free shampoo. Don’t go by the amount of foam a shampoo produces, you need clean and healthy hair, which has nothing to do with foaming.
  • Keep your hair away from heat. If styling, do not forget to use a heat protectant to save your hair from the heat damage.
  • Never put hot water on your hair as it drives away all the natural oils.
  • While going out on the beach or the pool, apply leave-in cream to prevent your hair form external damage.
  • Before sleeping, tie your hair into a light ponytail to prevent tangling. Also, try sleeping on a satin pillow as it helps in reducing frizz.
  • Choose your hair salon wisely, that has all the equipment and high quality for your hair.

These 8 basic hair care tips should be incorporated in your everyday life to keep your hair healthy. Because there is more to your hair than styling and flaunting them. They also deserve proper care and thus, dedicate some amount of time in caring for your hair so they give you back luscious and frizz free look.

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You love your hair and still are not able to keep them healthy and luscious. What could be the reason behind it? Your tight schedule or external damages like dust, moisture or heat? There are numerous ways our hair gets damaged and unhealthy and also, there are multitudes of ways you can regain that lost strength and shine of your hair. Yes, it’s time you say goodbye to sad hair and bring in the replenished and healthy hair back. Here, we present you to some hair care tips from the hair industry moguls and what they think is best for you to maintain your hair.

1. Post Workout Hair Mask

Before you step out to work out at the gym or the ground, apply a hair mask. This is one clever way of letting all the ingredients to be absorbed by your hair as when you’ll be working out; the heat from your workout will let the mask get deeper into the hair before getting a chance to dry out. After that, all you have to do is rinse!

2. Moisturizing your Hair Color Every Day!

When you moisturize your face, apply a few drops of some light hair oil from the middle to the end of your hair to keep them silky and hydrated

3. Removing Excessive Product Build Up

All you have to do is run an alcohol-free hand wipe through your hair for a couple of times. This does not only remove excessive product but also gives your hair a fresh look and also removes odour without shampooing.

4. Create Beachy Waves while You Sleep

To prevent your hair from the heat of the styling products and still get waves, what you can do is get beachy waves while you’re asleep. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? All you have to do is spray some CurlsDefineHer on your hair and twist your hair into 4 flat buns just like Princess Leia and then go to sleep. Wake up and shake those beachy waves!

5. Get Extra Shine with by Cooling your Conditioner

You know this is one fun trick to give your hair some added health. Before applying the leave-in conditioner, keep it in the fridge for it to cool. This seals in the hair cuticle and makes your hair shiny. It further reduces hair and unruly strands to give it a long-lasting shine.

6. Use Conditioner when Short on Hair Styling Products

If you’re out of hairspray, gel or a styling cream and are trying to get a sleek braids or ponytail, then conditioner will just do the job for you. This is perfect when you want to tame your baby hair.

7. Massaging your Way to Extra Volume

Massaging your scalp helps to increase blood flow to your roots and scalp that has a positive effect on your hair. It’s always great for body, heart and soul.

So, we guess these super 7 tips are good to go for you to have a good hair day, every day. If you have any other way to get those flawless hair, then do share it with us and we’ll share it with the world. Because we believe in beauty widespread!

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With the increase in the pollution level and deteriorating living conditions in big cities, it's become really difficult for one to keep skin and hair healthy. But, this is no excuse to leave your hair unprotected in this toxic environment. It is your duty to take care of your hair and look after them. So, what are you doing to protect your hair from all the dust, dirt and polluted air? What kind of products are you using on your hair to keep them safe and repair the lost health?

Here’s a rundown of products that can save your hair from environmental damages and help them strive through the storm!


Post washing your hair, it’s a must that you apply a little serum over your hair that forms a protective layer and also keeps your hair soft and shiny.

Leave in Cream

Leave in cream works best when you want to explore saline waters of the ocean or of an amusement park. The amount of chlorine and salt can badly damage your hair and leave them with no space to breathe.

UV Protection

Don’t you always put on sunscreen over your face and hands when you step out in the sun? then why leave your hair unprotected form the toxic UV rays? Your hair also deserves the same care and protection as any other part of your body.

Thermal StyleHer

Every once in a while, when you plan to go out on a romantic evening or to a friend’s party, you feel the need to style your hair. That is when you have to expose your hair to deadly heat of the iron or hair dryer. So, it is imperative that you apply a heat protectant to save your hair from the excessive and unwanted heat that your hair faces during styling.


Well, conditioner is one thing that you should always whether there is pollution or not. Conditioner not only helps you tame down your hair, but also smooths them out and makes them manageable.

Some Precautions

  • Always cover your hair when walking out in the dust or sun.
  • Do not step out of the house with wet or oily hair as they attract more dust and dirt.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your hair and skin hydrated.
  • Take in good amount of protein in your daily diet.
  • Go for a rejuvenating hair spa at least once in a month.

Now, let’s see if the pollution has the guts to come anywhere near your hair. Remember how charity begins at home? On the same lines, “Hairity” begins at home!

Have a Healthy Hair Day!

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Dandruff is very common, especially in the winter season. We all want to get rid of it and keep our scalp clean and healthy. Hence, many of us wonder that we did nothing wrong to our hair and still we are coping with dandruff.

Going by the stats, the extrapolated prevalence of dandruff in India is 195,785,036. Which indicates that quite a large number of population is plagued with dandruff. However, the question is, how to tackle this irritating flaky feeling and stay far away from it.

There could be various reasons for you to have dandruff, but skimming out the tops ones, here are some of the major reasons for dandruff and the ways to avoid to them.

  • Dry skin
  • Sensitivity to hair products
  • Several skin conditions
  • Over-styling of hair
  • Not shampooing your hair properly
  • Not eating healthy
  • Oily skin

Besides the aforementioned reasons, there are multitudes of reasons that may cause your hair to be flaky and itchy. Now, moving on to the remedies, keep reading and get rid of dandruff and itchy scalp!

  • Avoid dust
  • Keep your scalp clean
  • Don’t let sweat accumulate in your hair
  • Use a good anti-dandruff shampoo

As per the industry experts, “dandruff is majorly caused due to negligence and not taking proper care of your hair.” Hence, if taken immense care and showing some love to your hair from time to time, your hair will always be healthy and dandruff free.

We hope this blog was of some help to you in dealing with dandruff. If you have any other way to evade dandruff, we’d love to hear it! Write us an email at info@aurainebotanicals.com and share with us all you have about hair care. You may also clear up your queries and doubts, whether it is about hair care, styling or any other hair related queries.

Until next time, have a happy hair day!

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You might be wondering that why would we name our product “The Best”, well, think no more, we’ll tell you why we call it so and everything you’d want to know.

The Best, a major key player in the Hair Taming System, is the Professional Product that gives you a frizz free life. It is applied to your hair and the rest is like magic. Here are the steps involved in the application of THE BEST.

  1. Before the application of The Best, your hair is washed with a pH+ Shampoo to remove all the product built up and other impurities.
  2. Then the Keratin Treatment begins with the application of “The Best” with application brush onto half inch sections of hair.
  3. The hair is saturated with “The Best” by applying it thoroughly on entire head, staying ¼th inch off the scalp.
  4. The Best is left to set into hair for 5 - 60 minutes (depending upon the hair type).
  5. Post application of the hair taming keratin, The Best is rinsed with warm water and is then washed with GKhair Professional’s Color Protection Moisturizing Shampoo. The deep conditioner is applied thereafter and let to sit in for 3-5 minutes and then rinsed.
  6. The hair is then blow dried with high heat with GKhair Thermal round brush until its 100% dried and styled.
  7. Post blow drying, the hair is parted into sections and flat iron is done at lowest temperature of 170C/ 338F (temperature may vary with hair type) using GKhair’s Titanium Flat Iron.

So, folks, this is what The Best is all about. It is positively a must go for the ones who hate humidity and don’t want to look like the Lion King. And it is for those also who want to enhance their looks and come out as a completely different and even beautiful woman or man. You may find GKhair’s The Best at all leading salon and if in case, you need more information on the same, feel free to write us at info@aurainebotanicals.com and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!

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Here comes the season of dry, dull and dead hair. But, here also comes the season of cozy, cuddly and wedding affair!

This is the season when the condition of your dry hair will become too worse and all the moisture will be sucked right out of your hair. Winters are goof for having green vegetables and watching a movie tucked cozily in your bed but, it is the season most dreaded by your hair. The cold winds work extremely hard on your hair and your skin. Hence, you should take good care to survive the sometime brutal weather and shine out bright. There are numerous ways to protect your hair from this “hair raising season” and some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Protect your hair

Cold and wet winter weather can have a toll on your hair and the best way to protect them is by covering your head with a hat or scarf. But you have to make sure that the scarf is not too tight so it does not restrict circulation in scalp and while you wear it, it could also be the reason for sweat build up that could irritate your scalp, hence it is important that you use an anti-dandruff shampoo to evade flakes.

  1. Keep your scalp and hair hydrated

Drink plenty of water if you want to keep your hair and scalp hydrated. This is essential in winters as with your skin, your hair and scalp also get dry and dehydrated. 

  1. Do not over-style your hair

As read in the point above, winter is the season of dry and dehydrated hair, it is advisable that you do not over-style your hair as it may take a while for them to recover from the damage. Limit the use of heat styling tools as the heat may dry out your hair and scalp as well. If you still feel the need of heat styling your hair, do not forget to use heat protectant before treating your hair with curling irons or dryers.

  1. Trim your hair regularly

Now what does trimming your hair has to do with winters? Is that the question that popped up in your head? Well, let us apprise you that winter weather can make the ends of your hair really dry and breakable. Trimming your hair regularly will keep your hair healthy and significantly reduce the chances of breakage.

  1. Do not wash your hair in extremely hot water

Hot water can dry out your hair and damage your scalp so, wash your hair only in warm or cool water to avoid damage to your hair.

  1. Don’t leave your hair wet

This may not only weaken your hair, but will also give you a cold! So, take your time and blow dry your hair before going outside.

So, friends, here were some tips from our side to protect your hair and scalp this winter season and stay the same you. Don’t let the weather take away the spark, take good care of your hair and enjoy the chilly and cozy weather.

Stay healthy, stay happy!

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