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“So, I have curly hair and want to get Keratin Treatment but, I don’t want to lose my curls. Is that possible?”

Do you have a similar question in mind? Do you also want frizz free hair but don’t want to lose the curls?

Wondering whether you’ll be able to retain your curly hair after Keratin Treatment is no big deal. Every person who has curls, worries that they might lose their curls post treatment. But worry not, your curls remain intact and in fact, to your surprise, Keratin Treatment is gaining popularity amongst people with curly hair because it enhances their curls and gives them a new life.

Why People Love GKhair’s Keratin Treatment?

  • It’s the only brand to possess the magical qualities of Juvexin, a Keratin Protein extracted from sheep’s wool through environmentally friendly techniques.
  • Done by professionally trained and qualified technicians.
  • No Harmful Chemicals.
  • Revolutionary Products, with a vision to change the hair care world for good.

Does Keratin Treatment Treat My Curly Hair?

Yes, it does what you want! If you want to retain your curls, you can get the Keratin Treatment which enhances your curls. If you want a new look, free of curls, you can opt for the Keratin Treatment that gives you silky, straight hair. This may sound a bit surprising to you but Keratin Treatment can give you the results you wish for. You do not have to worry that will I lose my curl after the treatment or can I get silky straight hair from the treatment. Your wish is our command!

So, are you ready to give your hair the love and care they yearn for? It is entirely in your hands that whether you want to retain your curly hair after Keratin Treatment. So, go ahead, pick a side and see if you want to keep those curls and enhance them or you want to waive bye to them and get manageable, frizz free and lustrous hair.

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There always exists a debate whether a specific product is good or bad. Same is the case when it comes to hair products, especially Keratin. Not many of you might be acquainted of the significance of Keratin for your hair. So, not taking it any further, allow us clear the air about “Is Keratin Treatment good for my hair?

Many of you might not be aware of what Keratin actually is. So, to begin with Keratin is an essential protein naturally present in our hair and gives it structure, so just imagine your hair without Keratin. Do you think your hair would survive without it? Do you think that without Keratin in your hair, you would have lustrous and manageable hair? Absolutely not! Hence, to cover up the damage emanating from daily wear and tear, Keratin Treatment has been brought upon as a blessing for us all. It not only replenishes the lost keratin but also rejuvenates the hair by rendering it new shine, making it more manageable and frizz free forever. Besides these features of Keratin Treatment, there are some more facts and figures that you should be cognizant of.

  • One Keratin Treatment may work upto 5 months.
  • Keratin Treatment is a great alternative to straightening your hair every day.
  • It makes hair healthier over time, unlike other hair treatments that permanently damage your hair.
  • GKhair Professional’s Hair Taming System contains Juvexin, a protein derived from sheep’s wool via an environmentally friendly process.
  • Keratin Treatment gets you rid of frizzy hair by taming them.
  • No hair breakage problem.
  • Your hair will shine like never before.


Before going for your Keratin Treatment, we’d advise you to remember these useful tips

  • Always opt for a professional.
  • Ask for a professional product like GKhair Professional’s Hair Taming System.
  • Post Keratin Treatment, stick to the hair care regime to get the best results and to maintain the same.

So, there are no second thoughts that Keratin Hair Treatment is good as there’s no possible reason to stay away from the innumerable benefits of this treatment. Keratin Treatment has evolved drastically over a decade and now the most refined versions of it can be seen at many leading salons. But, one of the advanced Keratin Treatment that includes Juvexin, a magic ingredient, can exclusively be found with GKhair. So, go for it, let those tresses flow!

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Here comes the festival of colors and also the time of damaged and dull hair. So, are you prepared for it? If not, then worry not, we're here for your rescue and give you a few tips to have the utmost fun this Holi while keeping hair damage at bay!

Below is a rundown of some pre and post Holi Hair Care Tips to save your hair from the chemical and color damage.

Pre-Holi Care

  • Hair Massage: Massaging your hair increases the blood circulation in your scalp and thus makes your roots strong enough to take in the Holi colors and chemicals!
  • Oiling: Apply a generous amount of hot oil onto your scalp before you step out to get drenched in the colors of Holi. This will help in colors not getting stuck into your hair and scalp.
  • Tie your Hair: Make either a plait or a bun to protect your hair as far as you can from the colors.

  • Cover your Hair: This is one of the best ways to prevent any chemicals going to your hair at all. Covering your hair would also save you from any additional steps to be taken while playing Holi. So, you can be free as a bird to play Holi to it's fullest!

Post-Holi Care

  • While washing your hair, rinse it first with ample amount of plain water so the dry color flows out your hair. Then apply a sulfate free shampoo or shampoo that’s free of alcohol, paraben, TEA, DEA, so that it does not damage your hair further. Massage your scalp gently and rinse thoroughly with water. Don’t force wash your hair to get out all the stubborn color. Treat your hair gently.
  • After your hair has dried, apply a good serum to nourish your hair and make them feel healthy again.
  • You can also go for Deep Conditioning as it will provide the right moisture to your hair that was lost due to the chemicals while playing Holi. 
  • Most people also opt for Keratin Treatment after Holi as it replenishes your hair and gets them back to their natural state. So, if you want, go for a Keratin Treatment and see your hair get back to life and ready to shine once again. It’s safe, healthy and worth a shot for the ones who love their and always want to look their best.

We hope these tips help you in celebrating Holi to the fullest and keep your hair safe at the same time. So, protect your hair from any damage this Holi and see the colors flowing everywhere around. GKhair wishes you and your family a very happy, colourful and healthy holi.

Have a Happy Holi and Healthy Hair!

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Getting the desired results after a Keratin Treatment might be easy but to retain those results and have silky and healthy hair throughout is the aim of any Keratin Treatment. For doing so, it is imperative that you pay close attention to the steps that follow after the Keratin Treatment and what not to do after Keratin Treatment.

So here are a few imperatives to keep in mind after the keratin treatment that will surely help you to retain those flawless tresses.

  • Do not wash your hair for at least 2 days for the treatment to settle in.
  • Do not use any regular shampoo to wash your hair. Use only color protection shampoo and conditioner as they work towards cleansing and conditioning your hair after the Keratin Treatment.
  • Do not get too friendly with salt water. So, whenever you go in the pool or in the ocean, apply leave-in cream or conditioner to protect your and for the keratin to stay longer.
  • Do not tie your hair for at least 2 days for it to absorb the keratin and retain the detangled look.
  • Do not place your hair behind ears and do not use hair clips as well.
  • Do not go out in the sun or to put in other words, do not sweat or wet your hair and if you do, then immediately blow dry and flat iron your hair.

Post realizing about what not to do after the keratin treatment, we are sure that you will take utter care of your hair to maintain the manageable tresses and feel alive every single day! So, go on, get your hair treated with keratin from a good salon that works with professional products only. Not every keratin hair treatment is enriched with Juvexin, so make sure you ask for GKhair Professional’s hair products to get the best results.

Until next time, live your hair, love your hair!

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You might be wondering that why would we name our product “The Best”, well, think no more, we’ll tell you why we call it so and everything you’d want to know.

The Best, a major key player in the Hair Taming System, is the Professional Product that gives you a frizz free life. It is applied to your hair and the rest is like magic. Here are the steps involved in the application of THE BEST.

  1. Before the application of The Best, your hair is washed with a pH+ Shampoo to remove all the product built up and other impurities.
  2. Then the Keratin Treatment begins with the application of “The Best” with application brush onto half inch sections of hair.
  3. The hair is saturated with “The Best” by applying it thoroughly on entire head, staying ¼th inch off the scalp.
  4. The Best is left to set into hair for 5 - 60 minutes (depending upon the hair type).
  5. Post application of the hair taming keratin, The Best is rinsed with warm water and is then washed with GKhair Professional’s Color Protection Moisturizing Shampoo. The deep conditioner is applied thereafter and let to sit in for 3-5 minutes and then rinsed.
  6. The hair is then blow dried with high heat with GKhair Thermal round brush until its 100% dried and styled.
  7. Post blow drying, the hair is parted into sections and flat iron is done at lowest temperature of 170C/ 338F (temperature may vary with hair type) using GKhair’s Titanium Flat Iron.

So, folks, this is what The Best is all about. It is positively a must go for the ones who hate humidity and don’t want to look like the Lion King. And it is for those also who want to enhance their looks and come out as a completely different and even beautiful woman or man. You may find GKhair’s The Best at all leading salon and if in case, you need more information on the same, feel free to write us at info@aurainebotanicals.com and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!

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