Care for Winter Hair – Straight from the Hairstylist’s Chair!

25 Dec

Care for Winter Hair – Straight from the Hairstylist’s Chair!

Here comes the season of dry, dull and dead hair. But, here also comes the season of cozy, cuddly and wedding affair!

This is the season when the condition of your dry hair will become too worse and all the moisture will be sucked right out of your hair. Winters are goof for having green vegetables and watching a movie tucked cozily in your bed but, it is the season most dreaded by your hair. The cold winds work extremely hard on your hair and your skin. Hence, you should take good care to survive the sometime brutal weather and shine out bright. There are numerous ways to protect your hair from this “hair raising season” and some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Protect your hair

Cold and wet winter weather can have a toll on your hair and the best way to protect them is by covering your head with a hat or scarf. But you have to make sure that the scarf is not too tight so it does not restrict circulation in scalp and while you wear it, it could also be the reason for sweat build up that could irritate your scalp, hence it is important that you use an anti-dandruff shampoo to evade flakes.

  1. Keep your scalp and hair hydrated

Drink plenty of water if you want to keep your hair and scalp hydrated. This is essential in winters as with your skin, your hair and scalp also get dry and dehydrated. 

  1. Do not over-style your hair

As read in the point above, winter is the season of dry and dehydrated hair, it is advisable that you do not over-style your hair as it may take a while for them to recover from the damage. Limit the use of heat styling tools as the heat may dry out your hair and scalp as well. If you still feel the need of heat styling your hair, do not forget to use heat protectant before treating your hair with curling irons or dryers.

  1. Trim your hair regularly

Now what does trimming your hair has to do with winters? Is that the question that popped up in your head? Well, let us apprise you that winter weather can make the ends of your hair really dry and breakable. Trimming your hair regularly will keep your hair healthy and significantly reduce the chances of breakage.

  1. Do not wash your hair in extremely hot water

Hot water can dry out your hair and damage your scalp so, wash your hair only in warm or cool water to avoid damage to your hair.

  1. Don’t leave your hair wet

This may not only weaken your hair, but will also give you a cold! So, take your time and blow dry your hair before going outside.

So, friends, here were some tips from our side to protect your hair and scalp this winter season and stay the same you. Don’t let the weather take away the spark, take good care of your hair and enjoy the chilly and cozy weather.

Stay healthy, stay happy!

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