Deep Conditioning Do’s and Don’ts


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21 Nov

Deep Conditioning Do’s and Don’ts

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Most of us run away from Deep Conditioning, thinking of it as any normal conditioning, not realizing the hidden benefits of the same. And, many a times we skip deep conditioning because we are not sure that what should be done and what not to be done when deep conditioning our hair. Hence, we present to you the do’s and don’ts of Deep Conditioning that you should be cognizant of.


Deep Condition regularly, at least twice a month

Deep conditioning at least twice a month keeps your manageable, softer and less prone to frizz and breakage.

Use Steam for a moisture boost

Steaming your hair while deep conditioning helps improve elasticity and retain moisture.

Start at your ends

One of the biggest blunders we do while deep conditioning is taking our ends for granted whereas, you should concentrate on the ends of your hair first. This is because your ends are the most damaged parts of your hair, they are the driest, oldest and prone to breakage and split ends. Starting from the ends gives them more time to soak up the deep conditioner.


Don’t Overdo the Conditioner

Do not let deep conditioner sit for long hours or overnight; keep it for maximum of 20 to 30 minutes. If you keep it longer than that, then your hair might appear to be mushy, weak and more fragile.

Do not go for any deep conditioner

There are multitudes of options available in the market and it is completely upto you to pick the conditioner. But, we would advise you to choose your deep conditioner very wisely only after analyzing various brands and comparing their ingredients.

Don’t leave any scope for bacteria

Do not let your mixture of deep conditioner sit in for long term as they will easily attract bacteria. To avoid such situation, prepare the deep conditioning mixture in the right quantity for every single use.

We at GKHair, always recommend getting at Deep Conditioning session from a good salon, because professionals know the best fit for your hair type.

So, folks, we love your hair as much as you do and thus would recommend doing and not do the given set of instructions. Your hair is a reflection of you and the way you care for it, will further define as a human being. So, go on, bestow upon the love and care on your hair and see the magic happen!

For Your Hair, We Care!

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