11 Steps Guide to Healthy Hair


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07 Nov

11 Steps Guide to Healthy Hair

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Everyone needs healthy hair and we look for numerous ways to get good quality hair but fail most of the times. But, there are multitudes of ways to save your hair from any damage and keep your hair healthy and happy. To eliminate your worry and to get healthy hair, we present to you these 11 tips to tackle every element that harm your hair.

1.Avoid Heat Styling : Though we all know that styling sometimes requires heat, but it is essential that you take proper measures too. One of the ways to safely style your hair is by using steam rollers that are gentle on the hair and they’re heated only by steam that passes through the foam on it. But, if you have the need to use flat irons or hot rollers, apply heat protectant positively. 

2. Sleep on Silk Pillow: Using a silk pillow will help in keeping your hair cuticles soft in the same way that cotton does. This will give you smoother hair with fewer strands in the morning!

3.Keep Your Hair Clean : Use shampoo that suits your hair type. As long as you’ve quality products, they will benefit from more frequent washing. It lessens split ends and provides moisture, eventually cleaning your hair and giving them silky look.

4.Moisturize Your Hair : You know that the skin under your hair needs moisture just like the rest of your skin on your face does. This is necessary because your scalp provides a healthy foundation for your hair to grow, hence condition your hair every time you shampoo. But you know what? Moisturizing does not end when you leave the shower, you need to apply a protective product to reduce frizz, detangle and also protect your color.

5.Do Not Change Hair Brands Too Often : It is said that you should keep changing your hair care brands to keep your hair healthy. But going by the experts’ advice, you should not! You should stick with one brand as your hair will not know the difference. But, there’s no harm in changing things up but when you find that perfect brand that your hair love, don’t let it go!

6.Eat Right Food : This is now hidden secret that to have a healthy body, eat healthy food. Similar is the case with your hair, if you eat right, you’ll get the healthy hair. Have a diet that is rich in zinc, Omega -3 fatty acids, iron and protein, this will stimulate hair follicles to grow.

7.Limit Your Time in The Sun : UV rays are neither good for your skin or your skin. Hence, it is essential that you cover up your hair with a heat protectant like serum or leave in cream. This will protect your hair from not only the UV rays but, also from wind, salt water and dust.

8.Comb Your Hair Gently : Before you go and swipe that comb through your hair, think about what you are doing to your hair and be gentle. Always use a wide toothed comb especially for detangling locks.

9.Get Regular Trims, Even When Growing Out Hair : You might feel that now you’re growing out your hair so there’s no need to cut them. But we are not talking about cutting down your hair, we are asking you to trim your hair to add healthy length. Get a trim every six to eight weeks to evade split ends because if a hair splits, you cannot repair it. This will further prevent your hair from harmful breakage.

10.Use Right Temperature for Washing Hair : Washing your hair with too hot or too cold water can definitely damage your hair. Heat can kill the volume of hair, eventually giving you limp locks. Hence, you should always try and wash your hair with warm water as this temperature allows you to form enough lather and rinse your hair off of suds. But, when it comes to post conditioner rinse, use cold water. Cold water will lock in the desired nutrients into every single strand, leaving you with beautiful, healthy and lustrous hair.

11.Use the right amount of Products and at the Right Place : Covering your entire head with shampoo and conditioner doesn’t mean your hair will be much cleaner. Always concentrate your shampoo on the first few inches of your scalp where your hair produces more oil and product build; your ends don’t need that much cleansing. When using the conditioner, apply it from the mid shaft to the ends where your hair the driest and is prone to split ends.

So, we hope that these steps and tips were of help to you. We’d always keep working for a healthier you because we understand how important your hair is to you. If you have any other tip to share it with the world, do comment below or get in touch with us at info@aurainebotanicals.com and we’ll get back to you.

Till then, have a healthy and happy hair day!

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