Dry Shampoo - Have a Fun Day Everyday!

21 May

Dry Shampoo - Have a Fun Day Everyday!

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Whether you’ve had a good hair day for 3 days in a row, your hair tends to get oily and greasy eventually if you don’t use a shampoo. But, there are times when you are in a situation where you don’t get time to use shampoo. What do you do then? Do you go around in greasy looking geeky hair or you act smart and opt for Dry Shampoo? We say, you go for the dry shampoo but, what exactly is dry shampoo and how do you optimally use it?

So, to begin with, dry shampoo is a miracle product that saves your time and adds style to your every look. It simply powders in aerosol form that absorbs all the greasiness and gives your hair a good texture. 


Anyone and everyone can use the dry shampoo if they want to prolong the time in between shampooing hair. Fun Fact: Dry shampoo can also be used as a styling tool! 


From the umpteen benefits of Dry Shampoo, here’s a rundown of a few that will compel you to go for it!

  • Evades Odor
  • Eliminates Oil
  • Adds volume to roots
  • Makes hair look fresh 


Hold the dry shampoo atleast 6 to 7 inches away from the hair so that the product doesn’t concentrate on one spot. To get more texture, use a blow dryer to the spread the dry shampoo around the scalp. If you wish, you can then use a styling product over the dry shampoo to revamp your hair!

So that was all about the amazing hair product called Dry Shampoo. To know more and how you can style up your hair and life with dry shampoo, visit our Facebook or Instagram Page or get in touch with us. Just comment below and we’ll assist you shortly.

Until then, Have a happy hair day!

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